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Worst of the worst

2 years ago

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Mel Nichols | Journalist


25 March 2022

What are the worst cars you’ve ever driven? There are plenty on my list: the Hillman Hunter with such axle tramp over corrugations that it hopped sideways until it spun; the six-cylinder Australian Ford Cortina so nose-heavy it redefined understeer; and the Morris Marina that wasn’t much better. The MGB V8 was another understeer king. Datsun’s 120Y and Bluebird were horrors too, not to mention the miserable Ford Mustang II.

I loved the Morgan Plus 8’s looks but driving it was bitterly disappointing. On anything other than race tracks and very smooth roads its bump steer was unnerving and its ride atrocious. It jolted so severely over the joins on the concrete section of the M5 I had to grip the bottom of the steering wheel to stay seated. LJK Setright said memorably: ‘The only time the ride is comfortable is when all four wheels are off the ground. Unfortunately, that is all too often.’

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