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Porsche Wars: Second Opinion 

2 years ago

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Dan Prosser | Ti co-founder


27 August 2022

If you haven’t read Andrew’s comparison test already, you should go and do so right away. There will be spoilers in this follow-up piece and besides, if ever a Ti article deserved your undivided attention, the one we posted on Thursday is it. I think it’s our best work so far.

Was Andrew right to score the 911 GT3 versus Cayman GT4 RS comparison test the way he did? I wouldn’t presume to tell you or anybody else that he got his verdict wrong – in this line of work they’re all just opinions anyway – but my point of view is subtly different to his. I’ll explain why over the next 1000 words or so.

‘Too much’ is how I described the Cayman GT4 RS after threading it along the narrow, twisting, bumpy moorland road we’d chosen for our photography. Too much noise, too much power, too much grip, too much commitment demanded from its driver for those Porsche Motorsport qualities to even begin to shine through. But most of that describes just about every modern sports car of a certain level of performance – you do need to be prepared to disregard the protestations of the more conservative part of your mind when driving these machines on the road nowadays.

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