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Artificial Intelligence, your car, and you – Part one

6 months ago

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David Twohig | Engineer


28 November 2023

There is no fool like an old fool. When the powers-that-be at Ti asked me to scribble a few words about Artificial Intelligence and the impact the technology is likely to have on the automotive world, I did what I usually do when I try to produce something for our favourite car e-mag.

I cleared some time and head-space, sat down somewhere quiet (for once, not on a bloody plane), brewed a cup of coffee, opened up my laptop and figuratively chewed the end of my pencil while staring into the middle distance in search of inspiration and wisdom. I searched my memory, knowledge and intuition for inspiration. Like a fecking monkey. Or a 50-something-year-old bloke.

I then woke up, got smart, and did what any digital native would have done – I fired up ChatGPT, and asked probably the most famous AI system in the world the following question:

Me: ‘Hello. Will AI revolutionise the car industry?’

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