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James Mills | Journalist


29 September 2023

Rummaging through the racks of brochures and assorted sales literature, I found what I was looking for – an 18-page brochure, complete with a gatefold centre section, simply titled, ‘the world’s most exciting light car…

The car in question, a Ford Anglia 105E De Luxe, was unquestionably exciting to 16-year-old me in 1989, even if it was hellishly slower than the racing kart and trailer I’d just sold for the princely sum of £600. The kart, fun as it was, couldn’t be driven on the road, pick up pals and go off in search of a party that a friend of a friend had heard about.

I have happy if hazy memories of that Anglia, but little photographic evidence to show for it, whereas nowadays, my attempts to slide the tail in first gear on a wet roundabout would be there for all to see on Instagram or TikTok. As would the moment a drunken mate worked out how to remove the rear window and sit on the beltline, all the way back from one of the parties we crashed.

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