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Colour my judgement

2 years ago

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Henry Catchpole | Journalist


3 February 2022

Parked outside is the sort of paint job that makes you blearily glance at your watch at 4am and wonder why the sun is up and streaming in round the curtain edges. Audi calls it Python Yellow and it puts me in mind of the Phoenix Yellow you could once order for an E46 BMW M3. Perhaps a little less of a green tinge in it, but reminiscent nonetheless.

It makes for a bold-looking new RS3 Saloon. In some ways I like it. Just as I liked the confidence of the Sunlight Yellow (a flatter, more Minion shade that is confusingly also known as Phoenix yellow in the States) Civic Type R Limited Edition that was parked outside last month. For sheer brashness, however, both were beaten by the Bentley Continental GT Convertible in Julep that stayed with me during the entirety of the first lockdown.

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