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5 months ago

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Mel Nichols | Journalist


5 February 2024

In Andrew Frankel’s leader on 22 December 2023 about his and Dan’s plans for Ti this year, he asked subscribers what sort of stories they’d like more of. Dominic Najafi suggested: ‘How about articles on driving tuition?’

It got me thinking about what I’ve learned over the years, and from whom.

It started with my dad. On long road trips in Tasmania I noticed how he always placed our 1955 Ford Customline V8 perfectly for the narrow, winding roads, always reading the bends correctly, never getting caught out or having to brake suddenly. He positioned himself nicely back from cars ahead to maximise his vision for safe overtaking. Then he’d let the OHV Y-block V8 demonstrate the advantage even 130bhp had over most other cars back then. Afterwards he’d slip back in and continue on his smooth, steady way. Looking back, I was never aware of my brothers and I being slung about in the back seat.

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