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How To Drive: Front-wheel drive cars

1 month ago

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Steve Sutcliffe | Journalist


18 April 2024

At normal speeds on regular roads, during journeys that sometimes go on forever, we all drive in broadly the same way, agreed? No particular heroics are required. Instead, we use some fundamental motor skills and a basic sense of spatial awareness essentially to not drive into one another; to reach our destinations numbed by the tedium of it all, perhaps, but still in one piece.

This is called driving from A to B, and it’s what most folks do most times they climb into most cars. Therefore it matters not one iota if the car they climb into is front, rear or four-wheel drive. Most people don’t know which end of their car does the driving, nor do they care.

Being a Ti reader, however, you are different. You really do care which wheels your car is driven by. Yet to fully understand the differences between FWD, RWD and 4WD cars – and to appreciate the techniques needed to get the best out of each configuration – you often need to drive very hard indeed to notice the differences.

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