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Can Lewis win again?

2 years ago

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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


1 November 2022

How wonderful it is to hear Lewis Hamilton talking about doing a ‘multi-year’ deal with Mercedes-AMG. Incredible, even, given that at the start of the year no one, including apparently Lewis, even knew if he was to return to the sport in which he has enjoyed such unprecedented success.

Impressive too, that he should have so much confidence in both himself and his team that he should want to commit for so long after what will be, if things stay as they are, his first winless season in 16 years in Formula 1. And I think we can all agree that we’ve seen enough of the man to know he’d not even be thinking about such a move, let alone discussing it in public were it only for money.

Some drivers have been happy to see out their careers for the financial gain, or simply for the fun of it, and not the likelihood of front-running performances. If Lewis does stay on, it will be first, second and third because he believes he can win again. Not just races, but titles. Were that not the case, I am entirely certain he’d not even be contemplating it. Because Lewis, like Max, has an absolute rage to win. Which is one reason they’re so good at it.

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