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Jo’s Diary: Why I love the Honda NSX

5 months ago

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Joana Fidalgo | Engineer


21 February 2024

At The Intercooler, we often talk about dream cars. I have been asked for my favourite so many times that I’ve rehearsed my go-to answer, which is usually something along the lines of a Lamborghini Miura or Countach, or maybe a RUF CTR2 or even a Mercedes CLK GTR if I’m in that kind of mood. But, the truth is, as much as I would willingly give away any spare organ to be able to experience any one of those cars on a great road, I have no real desire to own them.

I’d much rather you ask me about a different type of car. The type of car that is not so unattainable that you feel a bit silly just talking about it. These cars might not be so special on paper, but at some point in your life, they have become special to you. Let me tell you about mine…

Adriane had seen it dozens of times. Ayrton had crashed before, but like a cat he always landed on his feet. He would be making his way to the pits and heading to the airport in no time. She smiles and tells her friend, ‘That’s great, he’ll be home early!’ She turns the television off and rushes into the shower. She now needs to get ready and dressed to pick him up from the airport as promised.

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