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The greatest F1 season

1 year ago

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Karun Chandhok | Racing driver


14 April 2023

On my way out to Australia I overheard an airport lounge conversation between some fans debating their favourite F1 season. They seemed to be relatively recent converts to the sport as their debate didn’t really stretch beyond 2018, but it did make me wonder what my favourite F1 season could be.

To work that out, and in classic geek fashion, I had to come up with some parameters as to what made an F1 season good. Having a title battle that went to the final round was my top metric, followed by multiple teams winning races, decent results from midfield teams, a couple of random races with good underdog stories, a healthy dose of controversy off the track and some proper drama on track too.

I made a shortlist of 10 seasons beginning from when I was born in 1984, as I don’t really feel it fair for me to judge an era about which I don’t know enough – that could be something for Mr Frankel to do! Picking 10 from 39 was actually quite straightforward, but choosing my favourite was a far more challenging task.

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