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Making EVs fun to drive: Part two

3 years ago

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David Twohig | Engineer


24 May 2021

Can EVs ever be genuinely fun to drive? Ever the optimist that I am, I’ve pinned my colours squarely to the ‘yes’ mast. Clearly, mass is the enemy of fun, but I see ways in which the current generation of engineers will make great strides in fighting the flab that afflicts present day EVs.

To think through what these future ‘fun to drive’ EVs might be like, we must first venture into the dangerous waters of defining ‘fun’. The f-word is such a horribly broad term that I rather prefer Andrew Frankel’s alternative definition-by-asking-questions approach: ‘Is the car engaging? Do I feel like I am participating in its performance, or merely observing and admiring it from afar?’ Thinking about these questions leads me to suggest that we’re going to see two types of ‘fun’ or ‘engaging’ EVs emerge. Two distinct flavours, if you will.

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