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The cars behind the camera

2 years ago

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Joana Fidalgo | Engineer


30 September 2022

I want to tell you the story of the coolest cars in cinematic history. And no, I don’t mean those on the big wide screen: no time-travelling DMC DeLoreans or Aston Martin DB5s donning machine guns and smoke screens (or DB4 Series 5 Vantages if we’re being picky). I want to tell you about the unsung heroes, the workhorses that shine behind the scenes. The ones you never see, but which see everything. The camera cars.

You have probably never given them much thought. When you sit in the cinema, popcorn in hand, you try to absorb as much of the action unfolding before your eyes, not thinking about the technicalities of how said shot was filmed. And why should you?

Well, if you’re me, there’s a very good reason because this is a luxury I am unable to enjoy any more. When your other half is an automotive film director (and a bloody good one, too), whenever we’re watching a movie any continuity error, awkward cut or camera crew reflection will be instantly spotted and pointed out. Which isn’t irritating at all…

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