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The hypocrisy of big EVs

2 years ago

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Gavin Green | Journalist


6 January 2023

Revolutions rarely go as planned. The French Revolution overthrew a king and crowned an emperor. Glasnost and perestroika overthrew Communist autocracy and now there’s Putin. And Liz Truss promised a free-market revolution, and look where that got us… 

The bold EV revolution is also losing direction. An electric car’s great virtue – some would say its only virtue – is that it is greener than a petrol or diesel car. That is why global leaders mandate their future use. 

Yet many new electric cars launched over the past six months or so are not very green. They pretend to be as eco-friendly as Greta Thunberg dancing barefoot through fields of daisies. In fact, they wear their new green-banded number plates with all the hypocrisy of celebrities promoting themselves as climate champions, while using private jets like a taxi service.

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