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3 years ago

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Henry Catchpole | Journalist


28 April 2021

If there’d been more than just me in the car at the time, it would have fallen silent with shock. No doubt others noted the day in their diaries while several editors probably held front pages. The cause of the consternation? Frankel and Prosser had found themselves on opposite sides of a fence.

The post and rail in question was the subject of episode 53 of The Intercooler podcast: Versatile drivers. If you haven’t listened already I suggest you take a long hard look at the priorities in your life, then schedule an hour away from whatever you’ve deemed more important. Finding a cure for cancer or planning a manned mission to Mars, presumably. Reading everything posted so far on Ti, you say? Good excuse, I’ll let you off.

Anyway, at the end of the pod, Andrew poses the following question: Is a driver more admirable for domination in one form of motorsport – think of the Lewis Hamiltons and Tom Kristensens – or success in multiple motorsport arenas – Vic Elford, Stirling Moss, Mario Andretti? Spoiler alert, Dan favours domination, Andrew’s an all-rounder.

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