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C-X75 stunt car hits the road

2 months ago

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Dan Prosser | Ti co-founder


29 February 2024

You’ll never see me pass up a chance to write about movie stunt cars, and Ti contributor Ian Callum has given me all the opportunity I need. His design and engineering firm, CALLUM, has made one of the Jaguar C-X75 stunt cars produced for the Bond film Spectre road legal – and it’ll be presented for the first time at the Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble on 21 April.

There were numerous versions of the C-X75 hypercar – the original show car with four electric motors powered by batteries that were recharged by gas turbines; the follow-up with a conventional piston engine in place of the turbines (this is the one that was set for limited production at one stage); and the handful of stunt cars built for the Bond film.

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