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Last Blast with Andy Wallace

2 years ago

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Dan Prosser | Ti co-founder


15 September 2022

Apart from being a 24 Hours of Le Mans winner and a multiple Daytona 24 Hours victor, Andy Wallace also happens to be the nicest bloke in motorsport. You’ll sense that from the first minute or two of his Last Blast podcast with Andrew Frankel, which is available exclusively for Ti subscribers right now. Click here to listen to the episode. 

You will also learn how many brilliant tales Andy Wallace has to share from a 30-year professional racing career. His story tank never seems to run dry. I first realised that at a dinner opposite him several years ago when he regaled the table all evening long with stories about racing at Le Mans and the fascinating people he has known. I suspected he’d be a brilliant podcast guest – and I was absolutely right. 

Like all Last Blast guests, he’s asked to name the six cars that have left the most indelible impression on him during his life, before choosing just one in which to go for his final ever drive, or Last Blast. Along the way he tells Andrew about his life in cars and racing, from his very unconventional start in motorsport to conquering the world of endurance racing, and from the miserable old Renault he drove as a teenager to breaking the 300mph mark in a Bugatti. 

His truly has been an extraordinary life. And I’m very glad we’ve been able to bring some of it to life for you in this one and a half hour Last Blast episode. I hope you enjoy it. 

Finally, thanks once again to car insurance specialist Footman James for sponsoring Last Blast. Without them the series wouldn’t be possible.