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Please welcome Richard Bremner to The Intercooler

9 months ago

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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


19 September 2023

We are delighted to announce that Richard Bremner is joining the Ti team. If asked to name the motoring journalist with the world’s most encyclopaedic knowledge of cars, Richard’s name would be the first into the hat, where it would get bored and lonely waiting in vain for other nominees to arrive.

From Italian supercars past musclebound Americana to some of the more courageous products of the 1970s British motor industry, Richard has forgotten far more than most of us will ever know.

Richard Bremner headshot

Now in his 40th year as an automotive journalist, Richard has written for The Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph and The Independent, and spent 13 years on Car magazine in various roles including its editor; he continues his long-term contributions to Autocar to this day.

Richard does more than merely talk about cars, he owns them too – over a dozen at the last count. But not for him the predictable slew of Italian supercars (although he was the first motoring journalist to drive a Ferrari to the Sahara), or a famous German sports car with its engine in the wrong place. He does own a car with an air-cooled flat-six motor in its boot but, being Bremner, it’s a Chevrolet Corvair. Others include oddities from an Austin 1300GT to an Alpine A110.


Auto Draft

Richard will be bringing his unique knowledge and superb writing skills to a new monthly column called ‘Blunder Buses’, where he dissects the cars that came closest to killing their companies and, in one or two cases, actually managed it. First in his sights is Mercedes-Benz’s attempt to turn a stretched S-Class into a Rolls-Royce rival by giving it a name no one had heard of. The story of the ill-fated Maybach will be on the Ti website and app tomorrow.

We could not be more proud of the team of journalists, designers, drivers and writers now assembled under the Ti roof, all committed to bringing you the best stories, written to the highest standards every day of the working week – and we are delighted to be adding Richard to their number.