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Hyundai Ioniq 5 N review

4 months ago

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Andrew English | Journalist


20 March 2024

The Spaniards liked it and so should we, was the eulogistic introduction to the newest sporting battery electric SUV, Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 N. But do we really? Allow me to explain…

Hyundai’s sporting ‘N’ sub brand was launched at the 2014 Frankfurt show with the first car, the i30 N hot hatchback engineered by a talented team headed up by the legendary Albert Biermann, ex of BMW, turning up in 2017.

Like Toyota’s Gazoo Racing, Hyundai’s N is the powder-blue-hued banner underpinning its racing and rallying efforts, as well as being the badge on its hepped-up road cars. There’s even a N-Line trim for those who want the association, but not the bills.

In just seven years N has become a global phenomenon, with hosts of fans meeting up to show off their blue cars and kick each other’s tyres. Talking of tyres, it’s 20 degrees C here at the 2.6-mile Circuit Parcmotor Castellolí in Catalunya and down in the pit garage, stacks of replacement 275/35 21 Pirelli P Zero tyres are gently simmering, their tread like Sellotape under your fingers. Mechanical grip is at a premium at this twisting race track carved out of a hillside, especially in a 2.23-tonne electric SUV with 641bhp and 568lb ft of torque.

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