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Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica

2 years ago

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Henry Catchpole | Journalist


16 July 2022

The Huracán Tecnica is one of those cars that would be easy to ignore. Not in the sense that you might pointedly look the other way if you passed one parked on the street. Certainly not. The Tecnica, particularly in Arancio Xanto (orange to you and me), is a car that snags your eye whether you want it snagged or not. 

No, I mean as a car enthusiast browsing the internet wondering what to read, it would be easy to ignore a review of the £212,000 Tecnica. After all, it’s just another variant of an already pretty ancient model. It’s not even the last iteration, because the final Huracán hoorah will apparently be revealed in December this year. Neither is it the top of the Huracán tree, because the upper branches of that particular arboreal curiosity are occupied by the STO. The Tecnica has been grafted in somewhere midway up the trunk.

There is no great power hike. Nor is there any hybrid technology (not even mild) to take on the McLaren Artura and Ferrari 296 GTB. There is no real story. Just a blend of existing elements of the entry level Evo RWD and the hardcore STO. Nothing to see here. Surely?

Yes, the looks have been nipped and tucked by Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini’s Head of Design. He’s added elements of Sian to the nose, with a prominent Y-shape arrangement of vents (some real, some not) around the headlights. There are hints of Essenza SCV12 at the C-pillar, while a vertical rear screen (sadly not retractable) and flat rear deck are a departure from the norm at the back. There is a small, fixed rear wing (no ALA system like the Performante) and the exhaust pipe finishers have allowed form to lead function with their new hexagonal shape. It’s still a good looking wedge, but I prefer the cleaner lines of the Evo RWD.

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