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3 years ago

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Colin Goodwin | Journalist


6 September 2021

Dear Colin, Inspired by the rain-soaked non-race at Spa the other weekend, I’d like to ask you what’s the best motor race you’ve ever seen live? Dave Michaels

Dear Dave,

In F1 it would be the 1986 British Grand Prix. I count myself lucky to have been at the last GP to have been run at Brands Hatch and to have seen Senna, Mansell and other greats braking for Paddock Hill Bend at 170mph. For Le Mans it would be 1995 when McLaren won. I was doing a story for Car magazine in which I was wielding spanners for the Marcos team. The whole atmosphere, the result and the feeling in the pits blew me away. After those two races it would be watching Gerry Marshall racing an Aston Martin V8 at any time in the early Eighties on any track.

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