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I Have Never: Lexus LFA

11 months ago

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Dan Prosser | Ti co-founder


21 June 2023

Maybe it says something that I can’t recall what I was driving at the time, but I do remember what I was chasing. And I remember where we were, what road we were on, what the weather was like and even who was driving the car ahead. If you showed me a road map at the right scale, I could point to the exact corner he drifted through like a rally driver on one of the nearby special stages.

But mostly I remember the sound, that 10-cylinder howl that started high and only got higher, and how the trio of exhaust pipes in that inverted triangle seemed to flare just a little as the engine speed climbed and climbed. I must have been driving something quite serious because I stayed with the car in front for a corner or two, but after that it was gone, me and whatever it was I’d been driving left choking in its dust.

I have been aching to drive a Lexus LFA ever since. Moments like that tend to leave an impression on you, and from the moment that jet black car sat down into that left-hander, rotated to a lurid angle and slid through the bend before disappearing into the distance, I have held the Lexus supercar in the very highest regard. Would that still be the case after actually driving one myself?

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