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Electric dreams 

2 years ago

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Dan Prosser | Ti co-founder


21 January 2022

My road to Damascus would be lined with 350kW fast chargers and it would twist, turn, climb and fall like an Alpine pass. I’d be driving some trailblazing all-electric sports car from Lotus or Porsche, and as we zipped silently but quickly out of one corner and into the next, I would realise a battery-powered performance car needn’t be any less fun to drive than one equipped with pistons.

I thought my awakening would arrive in a moment like that, the clouds parting in the very instant the connection was made so the sun shone down upon us like a blessing from above. As it turned out, the moment came on a gloomy day near Aldershot while at the wheel of a two-tonne BMW EV having just driven another that’s more or less a decade old.

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