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Farewell my friend

3 years ago

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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


20 October 2021

Normally the launch of a new SUV would not warrant words such as these. We might show the pictures on the Instagram site, try to think of a relevant comment or two and look forward to a day when we might drive one, but a preview piece before the car has even been seen? What kind of SUV might warrant that?

One from Ferrari or Rolls-Royce I guess, though not necessarily for what those companies might regard as the right reason. And a new Range Rover. Because there is, or at least should be, something more to a new Range Rover than it being just another big, posh, ostentatious and profligate off-roader. Spend enough time with one and use it for the right reasons and, if its engineers and designers have done their jobs properly, the time should come when you can’t really remember a time before it was part of your life, or what that life would be like should it ever have to leave. Because that’s what the best Range Rovers have always done.

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