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Range Rover

2 years ago

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Henry Catchpole | Journalist


7 April 2022

Thanks to a flight that was irksomely cancelled while we were sitting on the plane the previous day, it had taken a somewhat stressful 41 hours to get here rather than the anticipated 11. But sinking into the slightly reclined rear seat, stretching out my lanky legs and looking at the view across the dark water I felt…relaxed.

And I hadn’t even turned on the new hot stone massage function yet. As the RR LWB SV swept over the Oakland Bay bridge on the way up to Napa Valley, I couldn’t help but think of Andrew Frankel’s comments about the previous generation Range Rover: ‘…all you have to do is get inside and you’re essentially home though many hours from your front door’. This new one feels like home, too. In fact it feels rather more luxurious than my actual home.

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