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How to qualify in Monaco

3 years ago

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Karun Chandhok | Racing driver


21 May 2021

Never mind F1: in all global sport the Monaco Grand Prix is a highlight of the year. You might not follow Formula 1 nor even be a sports fan, but you’ll have heard of the Monaco GP. The glitz and glamour make it the jewel in the crown. Sponsors and VIPs sip champagne while feigning an interest in the cars buzzing around the track. For them, the fun starts when the racing stops, the barriers are moved and they can get to the pop up bars around the harbour front.

But as a driver, racing at Monaco is all about those moments when the roads are blocked off, the movie stars safely locked away in their hospitality suites and you can get on with tackling this unique circuit. I’ve been very lucky to race at Monaco five times as well as driving at the Historique event in Keke Rosberg’s 1983 Monaco GP race-winning Williams FW08C (check out the lead image).

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