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Fifteen years in a changing world 

2 years ago

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Dan Prosser | Ti co-founder


30 September 2022

It was in the autumn of 2007 that I started a four-week trial at a small publishing house in Kent. It produced automotive titles like GT Porsche and BMW Car. A few months after I started, it relaunched Performance Car magazine as well.

The trial must’ve gone reasonably well – 15 years later I’m still scratching a living writing about cars. I was called ‘middle-aged’ on Twitter the other day, which seems a bit premature at 35, but I suppose I’m not one of the young ’uns any longer.

I could mark my 15th anniversary as a car journalist by ambling off down memory lane, telling you about all the wonderful things I’ve been fortunate enough to do in that time, like thrashing a brand new Audi R8 around Le Mans 45 minutes before the start of the 2015 24 Hours or hammering a McLaren P1 around Anglesey circuit and through Snowdonia, but I suspect few of you would choose to follow me.

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