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Four for forty declared

2 years ago

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Henry Catchpole | Journalist


21 December 2021

Earlier this month I blew some candles out on a cake. If there had been one for every trip around the sun then there would have been 40. A bit of a milestone and one of which I was not too enamoured.

Naturally I’m delighted to have made it this far, despite having done some relatively daft things like drive a Caterham up a mountain road in the snow and give an honest opinion about a dress, but the ticks following the tocks do seem to get a little louder with time. Like encroaching tinnitus.

Anyway, to distract myself from melancholic thoughts, I ate the cake and then came up with a fun car game. What four vehicles should I have in my 40th birthday dream garage? The rules (simple but surprisingly constrictive) are that I have to link the cars to 1981 or the number 40. Simply being on sale in 1981 isn’t enough either. There has to be a more meaningful connection.

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