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Dan Prosser | Ti co-founder


26 December 2023

We’ve always tried to produce the best automotive writing you’ll find anywhere. That’s what The Intercooler is all about. It’s why our strapline is Where The Writer Meets The Road (borrowed, with permission, from the autobiography of racing driver turned writer Sam Posey). Moreover, it’s why we retain the finest motoring writers working anywhere in the world today.

But in 2023 we worked especially hard to bring our photography up to the same high standards. We’ve produced gigabytes upon gigabytes of original photography over the last 12 months and we’re going to do even more next year. We’re enormously fortunate to be able to call upon the services of the most skilled photographers currently earning a living shooting cars, and it has been our great pleasure to work with so many of them this year.

It’s quite simple: we arrange the cars, choose a location and hope for good weather; the brilliant photographers do the rest. And if the weather chooses not to play ball? We rely on them to turn that necessity into pure photographic virtue. Every ounce of the credit here belongs to them. I’m not even sure we can claim to have briefed them well. ‘Just make it look as beautiful as you can’ is usually all we say ahead of time, although sometimes we’ll add, ‘you know the shots you get in such and such a magazine? The opposite of that.’

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