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Harder, faster, stronger… better?

2 years ago

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Stephen Dobie | Journalist


9 December 2022

The dials give away that this is no ordinary Peugeot 205 GTI. As giveaways go, it is considerable: in place of analogue clocks comes an LCD display with different layouts and colours depending on your drive mode.

For some, it’s heresy. As indeed will the idea of drive modes infiltrating a car such as this. Tolman Engineering’s accurate replication of the stock 205’s gauges in digital format suggests it knows as much. But if you bought one, I think you’d want some tangible clue as to how much you’d spent on this car, whether it’s for proving the outlay to friends or simply making your own peace with it every time you start the engine.

For this first Tolman Edition 205 GTI will cost its owner a sizable six figure sum. Really. It doesn’t have to be quite that expensive if you go a little easier on the options, but Tolman still quotes a starting price of £55,000, and you’ll need to add the cost of a donor car to that, something they can help source.

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