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The secret life of your car

3 years ago

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Joana Fidalgo | Engineer


29 November 2021

Buying a new car is always a special experience. Whether it is brand new or just new to you, that moment you finally sit at its wheel is charged with excitement and a sense of achievement. For those of us who buy used cars, it is shortly thereafter that our ‘extended test drive’ starts: that period of time right after the honeymoon period when we slowly start finding all those little things that need repairing.

It’s only natural, the laws of physics at work. The wear and tear that always comes with mileage and age; but when yet another yellow light appears on the dashboard, it is only human to regret not just giving in to the temptation of a new car on a PCP – after all, all the cool kids are doing it. Why, in short, did we not avoid all that expense and heartache, just bite the bullet and buy something genuinely new?

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