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Why I don’t like track days

2 years ago

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Colin Goodwin | Journalist


23 December 2021

At last, a bite on the line. Someone is interested in buying my Chevrolet El Camino SS 454. ‘I’m doing a track day at Donington next week,’ suggests the potential buyer, ‘you could bring it up for me to have a look at and have a go in my car.’ Hmm. I’m self-employed and the El Camino does about 15mpg with a tailwind so that’s a day of earning nothing and a big fuel bill to boot. And to be honest a go in an M3 or Caterham won’t make a difference. To be polite I asked what car he had. ‘It’s a Porsche 962.’

‘What time should I be there?’

It turned out that terrible weather cancelled the day but the buyer came to my house, liked my Seventies American pick up and bought it. ‘The offer to drive the 962 is still open,’ he said as he was leaving.

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