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Jo’s Diary: Cold, wet and not loving it

5 months ago

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Joana Fidalgo | Engineer


29 November 2023

If there is one thing readers need to know about me, it’s that I absolutely despise riding motorbikes in the cold and rain. I am a proud fair weather rider and I will stand by it. I am old enough to know what does not serve me in life and there is nothing I find remotely enjoyable about feeling that little drop form on the tip of my runny nose. Or my fingers going white and waxy from the deep-cutting wind.

From October, my Triumph goes into hibernation until my inner lizard is content with the outside weather once again. And there is no amount of heated grips, fleece vests or warm socks that will change my mind.

I will go further and say that I am terrified of anyone who does indeed enjoy taking their motorbikes out in any weather. I understand those who do it because they have no other choice – I’ve had times in my life where I had to pay my penance, lacking any other means of transport to get me to and from school come sun, rain or snow. However, for those who willingly engage in this unhinged behaviour, I admire your will. But our brains are wired differently and I will not understand the deranged drive to voluntarily put your bodies and minds through freezing-cold-wet-dog-smelling hell.

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