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Watch the Citroën Ami meet its ancestor

1 year ago

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Dan Prosser | Ti co-founder


24 February 2023

You may have read Andrew’s brilliant story about the Citroën Ami and 2CV already, but if you haven’t, you can do so by clicking here. I’m sure you’ll appreciate Olgun Kordal’s wonderfully creative photographs too.

Between them, the Ami and 2CV generate a rippling 20bhp. I’m convinced this is the lowest car magazine twin-test ever executed, or if not, certainly in the last several decades. With its battery mostly depleted and a moderate gradient with which to content, the Ami crawled down to not much more than walking pace at one point.

Watch the Citroën Ami meets its ancestor

It’s hardly the stuff of blockbuster YouTube fame and fortune, but we thought the Ti audience would enjoy seeing the two cars in action nonetheless. In this video I drive both back to back, then drag Andrew in to discuss them at length.

You can watch the video on the Ti website right here. I hope you enjoy it.