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Genesis GV60 AWD Dual Motor

2 years ago

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Dan Prosser | Ti co-founder


11 November 2022

The first mistake, I admit, was mine. But every cock-up after that was the GV60’s own. It was silly of me to assume the car would arrive at my house, spend a night on the drive untethered from the mains and still present itself to me the following morning with a fully charged battery. That wasn’t likely and I should’ve known it.

In the event, the little state-of-charge readout on the dashboard indicated a 90 per cent charged battery as I pulled away from home with a three-hour drive into South Wales and back reaching out before me. Ninety was short enough of the full 100 per cent for my mild range apprehension to become full-blown range anxiety.

But I needn’t have worried. Later that day I pulled back onto my driveway and watched the battery level click down from 20 to 19 per cent as I did so. Apparently we could have continued on for another 30 miles before silently rolling to a halt. And I believe it, because the GV60’s range indicator is as honest as they come. But while the Genesis may well have spirited me into the hills and back with all that range to spare and no dramas along the way, I had by then made my mind up about this underwhelming car.

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