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Audi’s first sports car

3 years ago

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Peter Robinson | Journalist


2 July 2021

It was a private mother-and-son moment that transcended their roles as European automotive nobility. Ferdinand Piëch, proud engineer and CEO of Audi, was parading his new concept sports car to his mother, Louisa Piëch, on the first press day, Tuesday October 8, of the 1991 Frankfurt motor show.

But Louisa was more than an indulgent mum. She was also Ferry Porsche’s sister and quietly influential in the running of the family sports car company. She absorbed the beautiful, orange mid-engined coupe in all its detail, sat behind the wheel and listened intently as her son described the car to her. Finally, fully understanding its potential to hurt Porsche, she turned to her son and spoke.

‘Ferdy,’ she ordered, ‘do not build this car.’

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