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The original trinity: Part three

3 years ago

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Henry Catchpole | Journalist


27 July 2021

The empty road unwinds from the long hairpin, then curves gently in the opposite direction while dropping into the valley ahead. The view out between the silver wheel arches is rather beautiful. Quite continental. Stands of dark evergreens mixed with the lighter browns of various denuded deciduous trees. An alpine diorama in Bedfordshire with a rollercoaster of a road. Disneyland for drivers.

Squeeze the throttle, the tail squats and the raw, hollow, slightly rasping bark from the V12 builds once more. So does the speed. The lateral load transfers from the right-hand wishbones to the left as the road switches direction. Swish-swish as the single wiper clears a few translucent beads from the screen.

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