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Gordon Murray on the Last Blast podcast

1 year ago

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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


22 December 2022

This Christmas we have recorded a very special single episode of our acclaimed Last Blast podcast. To deliver this unique episode we needed a guest of international renown, made famous through achievements in both the road and racing car worlds.  

Who better, then, than Professor Gordon Murray, designer of multiple World Championship-winning Formula 1 cars, creator of the McLaren F1 – the car which expanded the envelope of road car performance more than any other – and whose latest design, the T.50 seems likely to rewrite the rules all over again? 

In an interview lasting over 90 minutes, Gordon takes us right through his career from his earliest days racing in South Africa, his decision to come penniless to the UK and the accidental interview that kicked off one of the most illustrious careers in race car design. Then he takes us through how the F1 came about, his struggle to reconcile his vision for the SLR with that of Mercedes-Benz and why he packed it all in to go and create his own automotive engineering and design consultancy. 

Gordon Murray

At an age when most of us would be delighted to be feet up in front of the fire, Gordon remains brimming with as much enthusiasm and creativity as ever. The six cars from which he has to choose to take his last blast? Well that would be spoiling the fun, but we will say that despite being only our second guest to nominate one of his own designs, the McLaren F1 is not among them. Why? You’ll have to listen to find out.

We’ve made this Last Blast episode freely available to all, meaning you can listen to it on The Intercooler app and website, or on whichever podcast app you prefer. Finally, many thanks to car insurance specialist Footman James for sponsoring this episode and making it possible in the first place. 

Click here to listen to it now.