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Ferrari 296 GTB

2 years ago

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Andrew English | Journalist


6 March 2022

There are no mountains, nor indeed anything particularly white close by the Monteblanco circuit, an hour out of the Andalusian capital city of Seville in Spain. What’s more, the corners don’t appear to have names, just numbers, but since those depend on which layout you’re using, they’re pretty pointless.

Bang goes my great long-drop intro detailing what it’s like to drive the world’s most famous corners: Parabolica, Paddock Hill, Corkscrew, Abbey, Eau Rouge, Casino and Spoon – look ’em up…

Anyway, you’ve got to carry a lot of speed out of the last one here if you want to go fast down the 960-metre straight and in CT Off ‘almost everything off’ mode, this Ferrari wants to play rather than concentrate on the business of extending its 818bhp plug-in hybrid drivetrain – you did read that right, and we’ll come back to that presently.

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