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Our Cars: Citroën 2CV

5 months ago

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Andrew Frankel | Ti co-founder


6 December 2023

I am between cars. It happens. The BMW M340i Touring in which I did 12,000 miles in six months has been taken away and the car that’ll replace it is not quite ready to take up its station. Which has left me with an interesting choice of daily driver.

It really should be the old Series III Landie but while it’s fine for occasional journeys, the novelty of non-existent ride quality and 14mpg thirst does wear thin in regular use. The Fiat 500D is hors de combat and I’ve spent all summer in the Caterham. So I’ve been hanging out in the 2CV.

It really is incredible. It’s 65 years old, I thrash the poor dear half to death every time I get in it, yet nothing ever goes wrong with it and it uses no oil at all. The only reason I change the oil every year is that its filtration system amounts to a magnetic sump plug. And that’s it.

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