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Road America: The drive-through

8 months ago

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Sam Smith | Journalist


22 November 2023

Hi! What can I get started for you today? Some hand-crafted artisanal lettuce? Would you like to try our limited commemorative Pixar-Tesla holiday-pie-fry ‘snausage’ cakes? They come with a free toy! Order whenever you’re ready.

What I always think when they say that: Is the toy a bonus or a threat?

We live in a world of drive-throughs. Or drive-thrus, as the signs call it. You queue your car. You answer questions. A bag containing a product not unlike food is presented. If that food is not what you ordered, you will likely do nothing about that fact, because you spent too much time in the queue already and we are all so much in a hurry to get back to our phones or Dua Lipa or whatever.

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